We pride ourselves in the love and care we offer to each and every student that walks into our Dojo.

As your child advances in his or her belts, he/ she will learn self-leadership, as well as how to lead others.

We pride ourselves on an all-inclusive community based on the solid foundation of morals and integrity.

Northcliff Karate Academy has over 150 members and is growing in strength. Over the 12 years in the Northcliff, Fairland and Berario area, we have earned a reputation of being a strong and competitive Dojo.

NKA Virtues | Compassion 
Compassion is an opportunity for us to rise above ourselves to willingly serve others.

NKA Virtues | Honour
Honour isn't about making the right choices. Its about dealing with the consequences.

NKA Virtues | Courage 
Courage is not the absence of fear but the will to keep going anyway. It takes courage to face our fears. Students are taught this very lesson when approaching gradings

Dojo Etiquette: while training, listen carefully and seriously to the advice of your sensei and always acknowledge that you have heard and understood the advice.

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