Krav Maga teaches you how to defend yourself from attacks and which body parts to strike to incapacitate your assailant. The skills of Krav Maga show regular people how to protect themselves when their lives are threatened.
The first lesson we abide to is to steer clear of conflict whenever you can. In the South African environment, however, there are moments when we are forced to defend ourselves. Krav Maga tactics entail forceful counterattacks that aim for vulnerable parts of the body. If you know how to engage in self-defensive combat that hurts the attacker in their weakest places, it enables you to flee the scene as quickly as possible. This may just save your life. Preemptive attacks, protecting oneself with nearby objects, neutralising the enemy while maintaining maximum effectiveness, counter-attacking the weakest parts of the body such as the eyes, neck, face, throat, groin, or solar plexus, as well as maintaining situational awareness to evaluate all aspects of a potentially life threatening situation, are just a few of the techniques we teach.
The ability to protect oneself and the lives of loved ones in spite of one's size, age, weight, or gender has resulted in a rapid rise in self-esteem. Self-esteem of this kind has the potential to improve many facets of life, particularly for women and children in South Africa who frequently encounter threats. Training in Krav Maga is incredibly beneficial for enhancing your body's overall strength. Learning self-defense skills helps you become more mentally alert and confident in your ability to be safe in addition to the physical benefits.
KELSEY NAIRN: At 19 years old, Kelsey was violently attacked by a gang in the Western Cape. Krav Maga became the solace she needed for real healing. Kelsey has been specializing in training the women’s classes. She believes that the fight against gender based violence in South Africa starts when a women makes the choice to learn how to defend herself. The various seminars she has played a leading role in include: The Beauty is a Beast; Sisley Skin Care and Self-Defence Initiative, 

Paris ; Keynote Speaker on “Breaking the gap between Gender- based violence and support systems in South Africa” at the South African College of Applied Psychology; and 

Keynote Speaker for ORT SA on “How Gender-Based Violence affects women in business in South Africa". The methods, skills, and techniques that she teaches have been specifically curated to effectively combat the dangers women face daily. 

Relying mainly on self-awareness and body-movements, the fast-acting techniques not only defend you against the threat of violence, assault and rape but protect the lives of your loved ones, too.

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